Book of the Month-Simplicitus

Apr 16, 2023

If you are thinking about or in the middle of currently redesigning your curriculum then “Simplicitus” is the book for you. Emma Turner has created a fabulous book that takes you through key thinking points in your design and prompts you to think carefully about why you do what you do. Throughout the book templates to gather thoughts and reflections are shared as well as practical ways to start to make changes.

Split into three sections, the book first takes you through what is important in the primary curriculum, how we organise it, what products are created and the importance of creating a curriculum or words. Clearly, taking the time to think through the design is crucial and Emma stresses the importance of reconsidering the use of time and how it is organised in school. The second section focuses on the subject leader and clarifies the purpose of the role and what it is all about. The third and final section focuses on how the curriculum is constructed and provides lots of food for thought around what this could look like in reality.

Click here to purchase the book directly.

Emma has just published the companion book to “Simplicitus” called “Simplicitus Altius” which delves deeper into leading the primary curriculum and is definitely another must read for primary teachers and leaders. Click here to take a look!

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