Book of the Month-The Craft of Assessment

Jul 1, 2023

Michael Chiles “The Craft of Assessment” is a must have read for teachers and leaders looking to reflect on the process of assessment within school. As his debut book, it looks at assessment in 5 specific aspects:

  • How to condense knowledge?
  • How to generate reflective learners?
  • How can assessment can be a responsive tool?
  • How can teachers provide effective feedback to feed forward?
  • How can we establish a culture for learning?

Through the “teacher spotlight” examples, Michael gives real examples of application and uses of assessment within the classroom, which really makes it a powerful read. In addition, the use of pupil voice also brings a real authenticity to the book and that real link into the classroom. Teachers will find the practical examples and outline of different strategies a great addition to their own tool kits and for leaders, it is a great way to look at whole school approaches to assessment to create consistency and alignment.

The visuals within the book provide a great summary and again enable teachers to quickly gain a sense of the main points or use as a reference point. The “Chapter Review” and “Chapter Reflections” are a great way of capturing each aspect in a nut shell and again, provide a great summary for teachers and leaders.

“I hope that after reading this book it will provide a platform for teachers and leaders in all phases of education to support and enable pupils to become lifelong learners and feel empowered to use assessment in and out of the classroom as a tool for learning.” (Michael Chiles)

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