Moving Reluctant WTS writers towards EXS (Y4-6)

Course Aims

DRAGONS - Strategy Intervention

A pre-teach unit – effective if delivered before the whole class strategy based around Dragons (see separate course)

An adaptive strategy – Reading and SPAG into writing

This intervention programme is aimed at moving WTS writers, who have potential to achieve EXS, forward in developing sentence structure, SPAG and vocabulary - working towards writing a paragraph/s; incorporating drafting and editing skills.

Target Group

For Y4, 5, 6 Teachers and Teaching Assistants

Course Content

The focus is based around the theme of Dragons – each session lasting 20-30 minutes and will build towards short pieces of writing across a range of genres. A teacher or a teaching assistant could lead the sessions.

Immersive texts, resources and IT links provided.

Available Courses

Course NameDate(s)Course LocationTutorBook

Moving Reluctant WTS writers towards EXS (Y4-6)


07/11/2023 15:50 - 17:20

BEST Online Training Debbie Ainscoe