Building Fluency through Retrieval Practice Techniques 1

Course Aims
The session will explore specific techniques and provide practitioners with an outline of how to effectively implement these within their own classroom/school and refine the use of them through reflection and feedback
Target Group
This session is aimed at leaders, teachers and teaching assistants who want to develop their classroom practice or whole school approach to this aspect.
Course Content
  • To understand how to effectively implement peer supported retrieval as a technique within lessons
  • To examine the use of key question stems in enabling pupils to deepen their understanding of concepts/content and lead to long term retention.
  • To review the place of “quizzing” as a technique and look at how to establish a well planned approach that is both robust and well-spaced.
  • To reflect on own classroom/school use of retrieval and the extent to which it builds effectively fluency.

Available Courses

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Building Fluency through Retrieval Practice Techniques 1


12/12/2023 16:00 - 17:00

BEST Online Training Andrew Rhodes