KS1 Assessment: New and Returning To Year 2/New and Returning To Year 3

Course Aims

Whilst there are no statutory end of KS1 tests this year, optional materials will be available on Gov.uk for the 2023/2024 assessment cycle and can be used alongside the suite of older materials to assist teacher assessment in Y2. These materials can also be used in Y3 in the Autumn/Spring term or with Y3 pupils working below expected levels.

Target Group
New or Returning to Year 2 and  Year 3 Teachers and Teaching Assistants plus any current Year 3 teacher
Course Content

This session will look at the variety of DfE assessment materials available (old sats papers, moderation materials, exemplification materials) and also additional assessment materials which may be used both formatively and summatively to support assessment eg in reading fluency and comprehension. Practical ideas and advice will be shared along with a booklet of writing samples drawn from last year’s moderation visits to KS1. It will be useful to outline the year’s assessment focuses for Y2 teachers and to provide Y3 teachers with standardisation material and exemplification, plus other assessment ideas to use with their classes.

This session will be followed immediately by the ‘Lighthouses’ writing intervention and resources offered by Debbie Ainscoe, aimed at securing EXS in writing by the end of Y2 and which could also be used to support Y3 pupils who did not reach EXS in Y2. Participants are welcome to stay on for this session. See information in this link: Moving reluctant writers forward.

Available Courses

Course NameDate(s)Course LocationTutorBook

KS1 Assessment: New and Returning To Year 2/New and Returning To Year 3


09/10/2023 14:15 - 15:45

Vision House, Higher Lane Primary School Gill Evans

Book for New to Y2 and Lighthouses combined session


09/10/2023 14:15 - 17:20

Vision House, Higher Lane Primary School Debbie Ainscoe