Y4,5,6 writing unit - The Children of Winter

Course Aims


Participants will receive a unique unit pack in addition to extensive IT resources that meet the expectations of the new national curriculum in a dynamic and stimulating manner, providing a fabulous collection of ideas and resources to inspire and promote creative writing and reading.



Target Group

Target Group: Year 4 and 5 teachers, new to Year 4 and 5 teachers, literacy coordinators, KS2 leaders, assistant headteachers, teaching assistants working in upper KS2.

Course Content

An exciting and extensive unit of work, including a wealth of differentiated resources, media and ICT, to develop reading and writing for Y4 and 5 based upon the new National curriculum.

‘Children Of Winter’ is set at the time of the Great Plague of 1666, though it begins in the Derbyshire of today. It is based on the story of the village of Eyam, which lost half of its population to the plague.

The unit uses the factual events of the Great Plague through a range of reading and writing opportunities to provide a knowledge base and introduction to the story itself where three children shelter in a barn in order to survive. There will be multiple opportunities using text and film to inspire writing activities for children at all abilities including those working at greater depth.

It could be about refugees from a war or any kind of disaster. It’s about survival.

Evidence of impact and improved standards of writing. The unit, which will be based upon Berlie Dohertys ‘Children of Winter’ will also contain resources that provide additional reading and writing opportunities based upon legends and historical context which also serves as an independent mini unit.

Extensive, excellent planning resources provided including: ICT, media and samples of children’s work.

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