Y5,6 reading & writing unit - Bill Naughton Short Stories

Course Aims

*Suitable for whole class, groups and catch up/booster/intervention teaching

Participants will receive a unique unit pack, including all text extracts and supporting materials  in addition to extensive IT resources that meet the expectations of the new national curriculum in a dynamic and stimulating manner, providing a fabulous wealth of ideas and resources to inspire and promote writing and reading.


Target Group

Target Group:

Year 5 and 6 Teachers, new to Year 5 and 6 Teachers, Literacy Co-ordinators, KS2 Leaders, Assistant Headteachers, Teaching Assistants and Catch up teachers working in upper KS2.

Course Content

Course Information:

A short, dynamic and exciting unit of work, including a wealth of differentiated resources, media and IT, to develop reading through to writing for teachers in Year 6. The unit provides excellent writing moderation writing across a range of genres.


The unit is based on short stories from Bill Naughton’s  ’The Goalkeeper’s Revenge’.  There is the option of using an additional ‘part-unit’ with a focus on life in the 1930s that  provides background and context to his narrative.

Using key short stories and quality extracts supported by structured supporting materials and a defined approach, the unit contains multiple effective writing opportunities across a range of genres suitable for boosting EXS and GDS pupils.

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