PHONICS Reception Junior Learning Letters & Sounds Phase 3

Course Aims
To understand how to teach the Junior Learning Letters and Sounds Phase 3 Programme.
Target Group

Reception Teachers and TAs

or those practitioners supporting intervention groups in KS1/KS2

Course Content

In Phase 3 children learn the remaining letters of the alphabet: j, v, x, y, w, z, zz followed by a two-week period where children are introduced to Upper Case letter names and formation.

Next in the progression children are introduced to consonant diagraphs such as /qu/sh/ch/th, then the programme moves on to vowel diagraphs such a s /ai/ee/igh/oa/oo

Alongside this, children are taught to recognise more tricky words, including ‘me,’ ‘was,’ ‘my,’ ‘you’ and ‘they’. They learn the names of the letters, as well as the sounds they make. Activities might include learning mnemonics (memory aids) for tricky words, songs like the Alphabet Song and Vowel song.

By the end, they should be able to say the sound made by most, or all, Phase 2 and 3 graphemes, blend and read CVC words made from these graphemes, read new tricky words and write letters correctly when given an example to copy.

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