Junior Learning Letters & Sounds Phase 4 - online session

Course Aims

To understand how to teach the Letters and Sounds Phase 4 Programme.

Target Group
Teachers or Teaching assistants in Reception or those practitioners supporting intervention groups in KS1/KS2
Course Content

In Phase 4 phonics, children will, among other things:

Practise reading and spelling CVCC words (‘such,’ ‘belt,’ ‘milk’ etc)

Practise reading and spelling high frequency words

Practise reading and writing sentences

Learn more tricky words, including ‘have,’ ‘like,’ ‘some,’ ‘little’

Children should now be blending confidently to work out new words. They should be starting to be able to read words straight off, rather than having to sound them out. They should also be able to write every letter, mostly correctly.

Available Courses

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Junior Learning Letters & Sounds Phase 4 - online session


14/03/2024 09:15 - 10:45

BEST Online Training Clare Shivnan-Taylor