Course Aims


A new short unit lasting for 1-2 weeks for catch up, boosting writing AND MODERATION- all resources provided




Target Group

Target Group: Year 5 and 6 teachers, teachers new to Year 5 and 6, literacy co-ordinators, KS2 leaders, assistant headteachers, teaching assistants working in KS2.

Course Content

Writing Units Developmental Programme

Participants will receive a unique unit pack and including all text extracts and supporting materials  in addition to extensive IT resources that meet the expectations of the new national curriculum in a dynamic and stimulating manner, providing a fabulous wealth of ideas and resources to inspire and promote writing and reading.

Suitable for whole class, groups and catch up teaching

Course Information: Using key short stories and quality extracts supported by structured ,supporting materials and a defined approach, the children will look at the key elements of pirate stories and learn how to use these effectively within their own writing.

An short, dynamic and exciting unit of work, including a wealth of differentiated resources, media and IT, to develop reading through to writing for teachers in Year 5 and 6  


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