Dyslexia Barriers in Phonics Progression.

Course Aims

To look at how phonics and literacy leaders and SEND Coordinators in school can support teachers to assess gaps in phonics learning and how to tackle the gap in KS1 and KS2

Target Group

SEND Coordinators  and Phonics Lead Teachers or Literacy leads with phonics responsibilities.

Course Content
  • Accurate assessment of children’s secure phonics knowledge within each year group.
  • Lowest 20%, Can you identify them? Do you know their barrier to phonics learning? How are you supporting them in KS2?
  • Phonological dyslexia and Surface dyslexia, do teachers know the difference? Can you provide those children with an intervention that suits their needs?
  • Understanding the phonics journey from EYFS into KS1 and KS1 into KS2
  • PSC – children who did not pass in Year 2, what next?

Available Courses

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Dyslexia Barriers in Phonics Progression.


09/11/2023 09:30 - 12:00

TBC Clare Shivnan-Taylor