Meet the Trainer – Nicola Pemberton

Feb 7, 2023

Nicola is an Assistant Headteacher for Outreach with Oak Learning Partnership.

Having worked at Elms Bank for nine years she has been able to develop vast experience when supporting young people with a range of SEND. Nicola cares deeply about each and every student and works to ensure that all students achieve their full potential.

Whilst working at Elms Bank School Nicola’s responsibilities have included; Assistant Head Teacher Progress which required her to oversee the learning and academic development of all of students, as well as acquisition of a number of qualifications across the curriculum. She has experience in ensuring that all students achieve their potential, flight pathing out individual expectations according to their baseline assessment. Within her previous roles she has also worked as Lead Teacher of Mathematics for six years.

Within her professional career Nicola has had the opportunity to work with the most driven, compassionate and aspirational colleagues, as well as the most resilient, hardworking and determined students and in doing so has gathered much of her professional experience. She is passionate about teaching and learning and curriculum development, ensuring that no student is left behind but rather excels in every aspect of their learning and development. Nicola strives for ambitious outcomes for all learners and is confident to support both students and professionals alike to develop highly inclusive practices.

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