Meet the Trainer – Tara Loughran

Sep 1, 2022

Tara has extensive experience in schools for leading improvement and change in mathematics. She has worked alongside head teachers and LA colleagues to put in place pragmatic plans based on qualitative and quantitative analysis of data. She has recently worked as the Senior Adviser for Primary Mathematics in the North of England for the National Strategies and prior to this as a Senior LA numeracy consultant. Tara has supported the writing of quality documents including ‘Overcoming Barriers to Learning, and CPD training materials for all schools nationally. She has taught all ages from 4 to 11 including supporting more able children to Level 6. She has also worked as a National Whiteboard Director, supporting the teaching of all aspects of the curriculum through the medium of ICT. Tara has successfully delivered many training events and workshops throughout the country to large audiences. Tara has successfully completed the NPQH programme and is a qualified Ofsted inspector

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